The Risk Scenarios module is the basic module for defining related risk inputs. This module defines the related links between Assets / Processes / Aspects, Supporting Assets, measures in place, and subsequently between threats and vulnerabilities / root causes.

The integrity of the system is designed by a logic that does not allow the definition of unrelated links within Assets / Processes / Aspects, Supporting Assets and measures in place. This ensures that the information is correct.

The linkages of threats and vulnerabilities / root causes with Assets / Processes / Aspects, Supporting Assets, measures in place must already be identified by the manager himself according to his / her knowledge of the real environment (or will be assisted in the implementation).

The method of defining risk scenarios in terms of the logic of the system offers different ways of accessing risk scenarios, either at the level of scenario incidence or at the level of perspective on the main subject of risk.

The following inputs are used:

  • assets / processes / aspects
  • support assets
  • catalog of measures
  • threat catalog
  • vulnerability / root cause catalog

Risk scenarios are also used in risk analysis, management of audit findings, incidents and events.